The Japanese Society for Hygiene

The society of hygiene is a field of social medicine that aims to comprehensively understand human, environment and health.
Our research subject is to clarify the dynamic relationship of DNA, cells, tissue, and organ function from elaborated academic procedure and face "what is human health as a social existence" such as environmental preventative medicine for community environment (group society) and individual or entangling relationship with psychological aspect.
While the medical field is classified into detailed categories and make their own development, the role of hygiene is essential as comprehensive integration so we consider what our role is in the society and develop with our society by taking the role.


Our subject of academic research is health issues in the environment, human and society and we face human health with the foundation of the problem of nutrition, various health problems caused by the environment, and epidemiological procedure and experimental research.



The Japanese Society for Hygiene operates with two main axes, the academic conference with the objective of interaction among the members through enthusiastic discussion and development of science and publication of bulletins.