Establishment of the Association of Young Researchers

Establishment of the association of young researchers In the 79th conference, a free assembly was held by young researchers on volunteer basis. We exchanged opinions about the current recognition of young researchers in the free assembly, the issue was brought up. That there are not enough the opportunities for interaction with other universities, young researchers in other fields, and students. We considered suggesting the place for discussion where young people gather and promote interaction and free and open proposal and make sufficient time to discuss their research. In the voluntary meeting, we held a free assembly, poster session by young researchers, and symposium planned by young people. Due to the results of this activity, we officially established the association of young researchers in the conference in March 2015.

We aim to make the research in hygiene more active by promoting the interaction of young researchers who belong to the Japanese Society for Hygiene.

Periodical Meeting of the Association of Young Researchers

We hold this meeting with the academic conference. Discussion on planning the interaction and the content of the activity for the following year is held.

After the periodical meeting, the social gathering for young researchers is held.

In the previous meeting, it was held from 17:00 on Friday, February 1st, 2019.

The Summer Gathering by the Association of Young Researchers

The Association of Young Researchers hosts the annual event named the Summer Gathering, providing an excellent platform for early career researchers including undergraduate and postgraduate students, to present their research findings and exchange ideas about the latest knowledge and cutting-edge skills in the field of hygiene. This unique event also provides a rich environment where the association meets the challenge of geographically diverse participants to encourage communication and expand our network in the Japanese Society for Hygiene.

An effective presentation is an important step on the road to career success. Our gathering will be a good opportunity for all, especially students, to learn about tips and techniques for giving an impressive presentation and help prepare for academic conferences and degree examinations.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please note: This seminar awards points necessary for Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine Expert certification and renewal. Attendance at all sessions earns 20 points.

The Summer Gathering 2024
Event overview

Date and time: 19 August 2024, 13:00-18:00 (tentative)

Event address: Tokyo Women’s Medical University (2F, Conference Room, Institution for Advanced Biomedical and Science “TWIns”). Kawadachou 8-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

The detailed programme: TBA (A hybrid format of on-site and online participation)

The programme
  1. Keynote lecture by Dr. Masato Matsuoka (former Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
  2. Research Presentations by young researchers (15 min each (tentative), oral presentations only)
  3. Networking (one-minute introductions)

Reception after the Closing Session (consider a separate reception for online participants)

Registration fees

Attendance at the research presentations and networking events: free of charge

Deadline for applications

The deadline for registration, applicable to both attendees and presenters, is set for 19 July 2024 (Friday).

Please use the Google Form below to register.


Priority for presentations will be given to undergraduate and postgraduate students if there are too many applications.

Participation in the Association of Young Researchers

We are always accepting the participation of a member of the Japanese Society for Hygiene who supports the objective of this association.

To register in the association of young researchers, please contact us with your name, institution (position), e-mail address, and the membership number to the contact information below.

Membership registration can be done through Google form.

Contact Information

Office for the association of young researchers


Membership registration can be done through Google form.