「Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine」に公開後、最近の2年間に最も多く引用された総説論文または社会にインパクトを与えた論文1編を「The Editor-in-chief Award」として表彰する


著者 Natalie M. Johnson, Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann, Jonathan C. Behlen, Carmen Lau, Drew Pendleton, Navada Harvey, Ross Shore, Yixin Li, Jingshu Chen, Yanan Tian & Renyi Zhang
論文タイトル Air pollution and children’s health?a review of adverse effects associated with prenatal exposure from fine to ultrafine particulate matter
掲載誌 EHPM, Vol. 26, 2021. PDF


著者 Kenichi Azuma, U Yanagi, Naoki Kagi, Hoon Kim, Masayuki Ogata and Motoya Hayashi
論文タイトル Environmental factors involved in SARS-CoV-2 transmission: effect and role of indoor environmental quality in the strategy for COVID-19 infection control
掲載誌 EHPM, Vol. 25, 2020. PDF


著者 Hosein Alidadi, Seyedeh Belin Tavakoly Sany, Batoul Zarif Garaati Oftadeh, Tafaghodi Mohamad, Hosein Shamszade and Maryam Fakhari
論文タイトル Health risk assessments of arsenic and toxic heavy metal exposure in drinking water in northeast Iran
掲載誌 EHPM, Vol. 24, 2019. PDF


著者 村田 真理子
論文タイトル Inflammation and cancer
掲載誌 EHPM, Vol. 23, 2018. PDF