It started as a part of the Japanese Association of Medical Science in 1902 as the union of “hygiene, bacteriology and epidemiology.” Then, the first meeting of the Japanese Union of Hygiene was started in 1929 and the name was changed to the Japanese Association of Medical Science in 1949, which continues now.


The society of hygiene is a field of social medicine that aims to comprehensively understand human, environment and health. Our research subject is to clarify the dynamic relationship of DNA, cells, tissue, and organ function from elaborated academic procedure and face “what is human health as a social existence” such as environmental preventative medicine for community environment (group society) and individual or entangling relationship with psychological aspect. While the medical field is classified into detailed categories and make their own development, the role of hygiene is essential as comprehensive integration so we consider what our role is in the society and develop with our society by taking the role.

The Content of Activity

1. Conferences

The annual conference usually is held at the end of March. The conference is divided into the academic conference and administrative conference. In the academic conference, we hold a symposium, lectures, and presentation from the members, and in the administrative conference, administrative decisions are made.

2. Japanese Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine are Issued.

The journal for publishing the research from the member “Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi, Japanese Journal of Hygiene” and “Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine” is issued.

Japanese Journal of Hygiene is beneficial for publishing original theses, summaries, and interacting with other members and it is issued three times a year (the lectures at the conference are published in the Supplement). Since 2008, published theses are indicated on J-STAGE, and it is available from Volume 1, Issue 1 on J-STAGE so it is widely transmitted in academic information.

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine had been issued four times since 1996 and published about 30 theses every year. Since the number of theses was increased, it has been issued 6 times a year since 2002. It has been on PubMed since 2009, so it is transmitted widely. The theses published in 2013 and after is registered in Journal Citation Report and 2019 Impact Factor is 2.710.


The fiscal year of this society is January to December. The conference is usually held at the end of March. For accounting inquiry, please contact the office.