Among the theses published in “Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine”, the original thesis that was downloaded the most in a year after its publication is awarded as “The Most Downloaded Article”.

It is applied to theses published from Vol. 20, Issue 1 published in 2015. Therefore, the first award is given for the year of 2016.

The Rules for the Most-downloaded Article Award

Article 1

The most-downloaded article award is offered in the English journal for the general incorporated association, the Japanese Society for Hygiene.

Article 2

The most-downloaded article award is given to the thesis that was downloaded the most in 12 months after being publicized in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine.

Article 3

The most-downloaded article award is given to a person regardless of the membership, nationality, sex, or age.

Article 4

The most-downloaded article award is recommended by the editorial committee, and the result is reported to the board of directors and decided by the board of directors.

Article 5

The first author or corresponding author of the thesis that receives the most-downloaded article award will be awarded in the academic conference of the Japanese Society for Hygiene, and a certificate and a plaque is presented.

Article 6

The participation cost for the conference is not exempted and travel expense is not provided for the commendation.

Article 7

If the recipient cannot participate in the commendation, the certificate and the plaque will be mailed and the delivery cost is paid by the society.

Supplementary provision

This rule is applied from April 1st, 2018.

Recipients of the Most-downloaded Article Award

Author Yun-Shan Chung, Kouji H. Harada, Keiko Igari, Jinrou Ishizuka, Akio Koizumi
Thesis Title The incidence of diabetes among the non-diabetic residents in Kawauchi village, Fukushima, who experienced evacuation after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster
Journal EHPM, Vol. 24, 2019. PDF
Author Hanan Qasim, Ahmed B. Alarabi, Karem H. Alzoubi, Zubair A. Karim, Fatima Z. Alshbool , Fadi T. Khasawneh
Thesis Title The effects of hookah/waterpipe smoking on general health and the cardiovascular system
Journal EHPM, Vol. 25, 2020. PDF
Author A. Kapinova, P. Kubatka, O. Golubnitschaja, M. Kello, P. Zubor, P. Solar,  M. Pec
Thesis Title Dietary phytochemicals in breast cancer research: anticancer effects and potential utility for effective chemoprevention
Journal EHPM, Vol. 23, 2018. PDF
Author Yong Kyun Jeon, Chang Ho Ha
Thesis Title The effect of exercise intensity on brain derived neurotrophic factor and memory in adolescents
Journal EHPM, Vol. 22, 2017. PDF
Author Ce Tan,Yutaka Sasagawa,Ken-ichi Kamo,Takehiro Kukitsu,Sayaka Noda,Kazuma Ishikawa,Natsumi Yamauchi,Takashi Saikawa,Takanori Noro,Hajime Nakamura,Fumihiko Takahashi,Fumihiro Sata,Mitsuhiro Tada,Yasuo Kokai
Thesis Title Thesis Title Evaluation of the Japanese Metabolic Syndrome Risk Score (JAMRISC): a newly developed questionnaire used as a screening tool for diagnosing metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in Japan.
Journal EHPM, Vol. 21, 470-479, 2016. PDF
Author Go Yamada, Yuichi Imanaka
Thesis Title Input-output analysis on the economic impact of medical care in Japan
Journal EHPM, Vol. 20(5), 379-387, 2015. PDF