The reviewer who peer reviewed the articles in “Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine” and finished the most number of peer reviews within the due date is awarded with the Best Reviewer Award.

Rules for the Best Reviewer Award

Article 1

The Best Reviewer Award is offered in the English journal for the general incorporated association, the Japanese Society for Hygiene.

Article 2

As a general rule, the Best Reviewer Award is given to the few reviewers who peer reviewed the most number of articles within the due date in the applicable year. The quality of the peer review is checked by the chairperson or the member of editorial committee.

Article 3

The best reviewer award is given to a person regardless of the membership, nationality, sex, or age.

Article 4

The best reviewer award is recommended by the editorial committee, and the result is reported to the board of directors and decided by the board of directors.

Article 5

The person who receives the best reviewer award will be awarded in the academic conference of the Japanese Society for Hygiene, and a certificate will be presented.

Article 6

The participation cost for the conference is not exempted and travel expense is not provided for the commendation.

Article 7

If the recipient cannot participate in the commendation, the certificate and the plaque will be mailed and the delivery cost is paid by the society.

Supplementary provision

This rule is applied from April 1st, 2018.

Recipients of the Best Reviewer Award

Year Name Belongs
2023 Yuji SHIMIZU Osaka Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Sumitaka KOBAYASHI Hokkaido University
Yoshiharu FUKUDA Teikyo University
2022 Sumitaka KOBAYASHI Hokkaido University
Takehiro MICHIKAWA Toho University
Yoshiharu FUKUDA Teikyo University
2021 Yoshiharu FUKUDA Teikyo University
2020 Masaru MIYAO Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute
2019 Masahisa HORIUCHI Kagoshima University
2018 Masahisa HORIUCHI Kagoshima University
2017 Kazuhiro HARADA Kobe University
2016 Masahisa HORIUCHI Kagoshima University