1. Membership Registration Procedure

Please register your request for membership through our website indicated below.

  • Please send your initiation fee and annual fee after registration. The registration is finished when your membership number and password are notified.
  • For membership registration, please e-mail your list of achievement jsh@nacos.com if you are not referred by a council member. (Approval from the board of directors is required.
    • If you wish to be a leading presenter at the 93rd annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Hygiene, you must be a registered member at the time of registration for the presentation. Please select “2023” for membership. Please make sure to apply for membership at the same time as abstract submission and pay the 2023 membership fee by the end of December.

2. Payment of Fee

The registration procedure is finished when the initiation fee and annual fee are paid.
Please transfer the added amount indicated in Table 2.

Issuing of Membership Number and Password

The office will verify that the document necessary for registration is complete, and the necessary fee is paid and send you an e-mail with “membership number” and “password” necessary for logging in to the membership information management system.


Membership Annual fee Initiation fee Total
General 11,000 yen 1,000 yen 12,000 yen
Student 7,000 yen Exempt 7,000 yen

The Account to be Transferred into

The office will notify the account via e-mail after the membership application is verified.


The office of the Japanese Society for Hygiene.

E-mail jsh@nacos.com

3. Management of Personal Information

The management of the personal information the responsibility of the Japanese Society for Hygiene and it is used within the necessary range for the management of the society and distribution of the directory.

Also, in order to improve the convenience of research for the members and smoothen the operation of the meeting, the information may be released to the chairperson of the society. This society subcontract part of the operation to a cooperating company and the necessary personal information for the operation may be commissioned to the company. If you do not need the notification for the disclosure, revision, deletion of the personal information or notification from the society, please contact the office of the Japanese Society for Hygiene (E-mail:jsh@nacos.com).