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If you wish to cite the thesis, download this and submit it to the office of the society via e-mail. (

*For the publication issued in 2016 or earlier, the copyrights belong to the society. For publication issued in January 2017 and after, the copyrights belong to the corresponding authors.

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine

Open Access Journal for EHPM

EHPM has become Open Access Journal (OAJ) since the January 2017 issue. All theses published in EHPM can be accessed freely. The copyright of the thesis belongs to the author.

Online Contribution and Peer Review

Since EHPM is an international journal, contributed theses and all attached data, peer review comment is in English.

About Page Charge

Please refer to the new contribution rule for detail.

Also, the member price only applies when the corresponding author is the member of the society
(*They must be members at the time of thesis contribution).

Proceed with the contribution procedure on EM (Editorial Manager) and at the Publication Charges section,

  1. Select “1. I believe that I am covered by an institutional membership arrangement and wish to request institutional payment discount (as applicable)”.
  2. Select “2. Select institution from a list” and select “Japanese Society for Hygiene/members” from the list. Reference image is here.
  3. Enter the membership code for the Japanese Society for Hygiene in “BioMed Central account number.” The code is indicated in the page it shows after logging into the membership information management system (e-naf) . Please contact the office ( if you cannot log in.

Conflicts of Interest

From January 1st, 2019, authors must submit Conflicts of Interest to ICMJE at the time of thesis contribution.

  • When they contribute the thesis, complete the form of Conflicts of Interest (ICMJE) and submit it in an attachment file with the thesis.
  • Due to the Proclamation against tobacco at the Japanese Society for Hygiene when the research granted or funded by any firms or organizations related to tobacco industry in Japan or abroad is contributed to the journal of this society (Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine), the thesis will not be accepted to be publicized in the journal of this society (after January 1st, 2019)

For Contribution

We are Recruiting Editors for EHPM Spin-off Project, eBook Series Current Topics in EHPM.

It is planned to be issued 2 issues a year and around 10 issues in 5 years.

The editorial chairperson for the whole issue is Hidekuni INADERA (University of Toyama). . Please submit your application.

Please contact JSH ( for detail.


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